Correction! (my first… of many to come, I’m sure!)

ooops I’m not on the left after all… good thing, I lean politically to the right. lol  No, I meant my photo.  It’s to the left on the edit page.  my bad… 🙂


Well, Hi Everybody!

At last it’s here! My first blog.. Welcome! Here I hope to share my thoughts of what’s going on in politics, autism and just about any other subject out there that’s interesting to me.. and to you, too!  Just let me know what you’d like to talk about.

I’m opening with my radio show, coming on later today.  It’ll be interesting to see!  Come join me for my projected debut at around noon.  I will FREAK if it happens! lol But you know, that’s what’s cool about success, it’s freaking, but it happens! lol 😉 hehe

Yea.. that’s me on the left! Yikes! Hide your children! lol

See you soon!